Cotton frock cutting and stitching: Tutorial

In this blog I explain how to design and stitch a frock for a 3 years girl baby. I used cotton material for this summer to feel comfortable. This stylish dress is easy to understand and practice. Here I have given step by step explanation and video in Tamil.

Girl Baby frock cutting and stitching tutorials : Tamil

Fabric: Cotton
Martial quantity: 1.5 Meters
Age: 3 Years

Girl baby cotton dress
Cotton material with dress pattern

Dress Measurement:
Dress height: 24’
Top height: 8’ – 1’ to stitch
Bottom height: 16’ – 1’ to stitch
body circumference: 22 / 4 => 5. 1/4 – 1.1/4’ to stitch
Neck: 2’
Neck deep: 2.5’
Armhole: 5’

Top part cutting:

Fold Fabric/paper into 4 like shown in the image: width 6 ½’ and height 9’
Mark neck, shoulder, and armhole
Cut it.
Cut fabric for frills and rope to tie.

Baby frock top part cutting
Baby frock top part cutting

Bottom part cutting:
Fold the fabric into 4 and then fold it in a cross (like a cone)
I joined 3 sheets (A1 size sheets)
From the corner of the cone mark 4 ½’ for hip: Used extra size to add frills.
From the hip mark 17’ height (16’ + 1’ to stitch)
Lining hip size: 2 ½’
Lining height: 13’

Baby frock bottom part cutting
Baby frock bottom part cutting

Top part Stitching:
1. Join top part lining and the main material
2. Join side, Armhole and Neck left shoulder and bottom
3. Do small edge cutting in armhole and neck to make it perfect when we turn the fabric.
4. Turn one part
5. Cut another part into two from neck to till the end (this to add zip)
6. Join should like how I mentioned in the video (this is little difficult to explain in words)
7. Stitch each corner of the fabric.
8. Take the piece of cloth to add frills at the top.
9. Fold and stitch both corners or do zig zag.
10. Add frills in the top part (make sure to keep it in the center of the shoulder)
11. Join rope

Baby Frock top part stitching
Baby Frock top part stitching

Bottom part stitching:
12. Fold the bottom corner and stitch or do zig-zag the bottom corner.
13. Add small frills and make sure to keep the width of 23’ to stitch.
14. Attach lining
15. Join tap and bottom
16. Add zip: mentioned details in the video (this is little difficult to explain in words)

Baby frock bottom part stitching
Baby frock bottom part stitching

Add finally the dress will be

Girl Baby Cotton frock

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